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Employees of KNGK-Group, Ilsky Oil Refinery and the “Shamariki” children’s club took part in the Green Marathon of Sberbank

On May 27 the employees of KNGK-Group, Ilsky Oil Refinery and the “Shamariki” children’s club joined the participants of the “Running Hearts” Green Marathon organized by Sberbank together with the “Naked Heart” Foundation, and successfully covered 4.2km! Keep it up

“Game for life” charity basketball tournament was held in Krasnodar “Olympus” Sport Palace

Thursday, November, 23: “Game for life” charity basketball tournament was held in Krasnodar “Olympus” Sport Palace. The event was arranged by ANASTASIA Children Charity Foundation, four combined teams played two games each and all the money raised during the match are to be forwarded to Ilya Pokhilko, a two-year old boy who suffers from a severe oncological disease. It is especially pleasant for us that one of the teams represented oil industry. Several of its players are employees of KNGK Group, Roman Serenko, Vladimir Shevchenko and Alexey Burya. We are proud for our brave fighters and congratulate them with the bronze medal! #ИграДляЖизни #бдфанастасия #кнгкгрупп

IV International Forum of MGIMO Alumni finished in Astana October 19, 2017

IV International Forum of MGIMO, which finished recently in Astana, joined over 450 participants – alumni, partners, teachers and employees of the University. It was held from 5 till 7 October in the capital of Kazakhstan. The event was also visited by employees of KNGK Group LLC, alumni of MGIMO School of business and international competency Yury Shamara and Dmitry Moskovchenko.

Official opening ceremony of the Forum was held on October, 6, in the Palace of Independency. Chairman of Kazakhstan Senate K. Zh.-K. Tokayev, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation S.V.Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan K.K.Abdrakhmanov and President of MGIMO A.V.Torkunov came out with the speeches for all the guests. Messages of Kazakhstan President N.A.Nazarbayev and Russian President V.V.Putin were also presented to the audience.

After finishing the solemn ceremony there were held various thematical sessions devoted to problems of world economy, new protectionism, integrational processes and issues in spheres of education and culture.

The Forum was arranged with the support of Kazakhstan Republic Senate Parliament, a member of Guardian Council and an alumnus of MGIMO year 1976 F.K.Shodiev, as well as Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Republic and MGIMO Alumni Association in Kazakhstan.

The Day of Russian Federation Flag August 23, 2017

22d August, 2017: Krasnodar Theater square held a major event in celebration of the Day of Russian Federation flag! Our friendly squad took part in this celebration and shared good mood with everyone. Russian Federation flag was solemnly raised and representatives of youth organizations released several hundreds of multicoloured balloons into the sky.  #ДеньФлагаРоссии #Краснодар #Кнгкгрупп

KNGK Group President Alexey Shamara and First vice-president Yury Shamara have visited the “DAY OF BASKETBALL” by Lokomotiv-Kuban September 18, 2016

September 17: KNGK Group participated in the “Day of Basketball” by Lokomotiv-Kuban. The club is celebrating its 70th birthday this year and we could not neglect this event as the club and the company are connected with tight cooperation and partnership. Besides, “ANASTASIA” Children Charity Foundation for the third year in a row takes part in the club games and holds charity campaigns.
Go forward, Loko, and may many successful years be waiting for you ahead!