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KNGK Group IT Department project has won “GLOBAL CIO” award! January 30, 2017

The largest official Russian community of IT directors Global CIO has announced winners in a sphere of information technologies “Project of the year 2016”. A winner in “Best industrial solution” nomination has become IT Department of KNGK Group!
Starting from September, 2014, till August, 2016, specialists of the Department were developing a project of “Automatic System of Managing oil products traffic” specifically for Ilsky oil refinery. It required over 14 000 man/hours. A purpose of this project is increase of speed and accuracy of feed receipt, simplifying mutual settlements due to transparent accountancy, creation of common information system, including all production operations on each stage, availability of information and opportunity to control it during each step.
This project is the second in a row by IT Department, which was highly appraised by Global CIO.