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Workers of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas visited “Ilsky oil refinery” LLC October 2, 2017

At the end of September, employees of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas visited “Ilysky oil refinery” LLC. Associate Professor of the Department of Theoretical Electronics and Electricity of the Oil and Gas Industry Repina Julia Valerievna, Associate Professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry and Petroleum Chemistry Alexandra Karine Grigorievna, Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry and Petroleum Chemistry, Deputy Dean Stokolos Olga Anatolyevna arrived at the plant in the framework of advanced training in their subject “Modernization and automation of technological processes of petroleum products at Ilsky oil refinery”.
Employees of the University made a study tour, during which they visited and got acquainted with such objects as commissioning points, AT-5 plant, oil and oil products discharge and oiling workshop, CPL and treatment facilities.

Ilsky oil refinery has celebrated its 10th Anniversary March 9, 2017

Ilsky oil refining factory celebrated its 10th Anniversary from the moment of founding the company.

Key partners of the refinery expressed congratulations and kind wishes for long-run and stable development. Managers of the refinery reflected on milestones of travelled path and thanked the factory workers for responsible approach to their job and high efficiency of their work.

Ilsky oil refinery historical background takes its start in 2007 when the first primary distillation units of oil processing were built and commissioned on the territory of a former tar asphalt plant. In 2011 the factory managed to reach 1 million of processed tons of oil feed per year. As of the current moment the plant is using 5 units of primary distillation of oil feed, the last of which is АТ-5 with capacity of 1,8 million tons, it was designed and built by the means of KNGK Group engineering center (Krasnodar) and commissioned in 2013. By 2017 the factory has received an approval for construction of АТ-6 with capacity of 3,6 million tons per year, after its commissioning the overall capacity of the factory will reach 6,6 million tons.

Ilsky oil refinery started its work with the staff of 11 employees, now there are over 700 people working in the company, their average salary is far higher than it is in the region. During 10 years of work the factory totally processed around 14,5 million tons of oil feed. Thanks to finely tuned mechanisms of management and high efficiency the factory totally paid to the regional and federal treasuries over 4,25 billion rubles of tax.

The main priority for the refinery today is to implement the development program, which includes several stages and is aimed at modernization of production processes in order to receive motor fuels of “Euro-5” standard and provide depth of processing no less than 95%. One of the stages of this program, namely ”Pre-commissioning activities at experimental industrial reforming unit with non-stop regeneration of catalyst” was included by the Order of Ministry of Energy of Russian Federation №89 dated 9 February 2017 into the National project “Creation of domestic technology of catalytic reforming with non-stop regeneration of catalyst for production of high quality gasolines”.

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Ilsky oil refinery is 10 years old! February 28, 2017

Today, on February 28th is the 10th Anniversary of Ilsky oil refinery and we are delighted to congratulate the factory with this serious landmark!
Wishing all the best to the employees of the refinery and many more fruitful and productive years of work waiting ahead.

KNGK Group IT Department project has won “GLOBAL CIO” award! January 30, 2017

The largest official Russian community of IT directors Global CIO has announced winners in a sphere of information technologies “Project of the year 2016”. A winner in “Best industrial solution” nomination has become IT Department of KNGK Group!
Starting from September, 2014, till August, 2016, specialists of the Department were developing a project of “Automatic System of Managing oil products traffic” specifically for Ilsky oil refinery. It required over 14 000 man/hours. A purpose of this project is increase of speed and accuracy of feed receipt, simplifying mutual settlements due to transparent accountancy, creation of common information system, including all production operations on each stage, availability of information and opportunity to control it during each step.
This project is the second in a row by IT Department, which was highly appraised by Global CIO.