Кубанская Нефтегазовая Компания

Work in the company should bring employees not only material prosperity, new perspectives and ways for potential development but also to guarantee safe working conditions and opportunities for healthy and good rest. An integral part of KNGK Group OSH policy is improvement of its OSH management system based on Russian standards and taking into consideration the world experience adapted to the specific conditions of the company`s operations. The specialists of OSH department monitor compliance with the requirements of the Federal and regional legislation, the requirements of industry standards and regulations governing the company`s OSH operations, paying significant attention to development and encouragement of personal and corporative responsibility of KNGK Group employees for compliance with OSH requirements. The company employees are provided with favorable sanitary and hygienic environmental parameters at workplaces, periodic medical examinations are organized and conducted, the employees are vaccinated and provided with vitamin complexes for prophylaxis and prevention of virus diseases, etc.


As part of lifestyle promotion and maintenance, fitness center equipped at a state-of-the-art level as well as yoga, pilates, dancing and fitness rooms have been available for the employees of KNGK Group over some years on a gratuitous basis. Festive sports competitions are arranged on a regular basis with opportunity for each employee to participate in them. Staging of annual Olympics team sport event which is held every autumn under the common slogan “sound mind in a sound body” and gathers more than 300 employees with members of their families at the stadium has become a good tradition. Annually before the New Year holidays competitions for “Hard Legs” are organized in such disciplines as bench pressing, horizontal bar, P-bars, Russian pressing, etc. On top of this, KNGK Group employees take part in sports events of the city and regional levels, semi-marathons and marathons held in Sochi. Sport trips to nature as well as holiday travel team buildings are also organized quite often. Mountain hiking is very popular with KNGK Group employees and they have already conquered such mountain peaks as Elbrus and Induk. The favorite places for visiting are also the Hajokh Jaw and the Kaverzinskiy waterfalls.


Nature and environmental care is one of the principles of the company`s operations and all its employees. The employees take direct part in nature protection programs and campaigns of KNGK Group, one of which is the program of waste paper collection for recycling. The company employees demonstrate great responsibility for participation in Subbotniks (litter pick) conducted both intracompany and under direction of Krasnodar administration.