Кубанская Нефтегазовая Компания

The main value of KNGK Group is undoubtedly human resources. This means all staff of the company as a whole and individually each employee, these are people who became a part of a single solid team, united by common goals and interests, committed their careers and giving their high professionalism, wisdom, knowledge and experience to the company.


In KNGK Group the appropriate HR-service is responsible for recruitment and HR management, which contributes to establishing the staff of professionals aimed at achieving common tasks facing the company, personal development and growth, joint long-term and fruitful cooperation. HR service develops and implements standards of HR business processes and HR Policy of the company in accordance with internal tasks of KNGK Group and economic and social situation in the country and in the world. HR personnel help each employee to realize his culpability for corporate values, culture and traditions of the company, and is in charge of maintaining positive moral and psychological climate in the team.

The main tasks of HR management include forecast of personnel demand, analysis and identification of the most rational sources of its satisfaction, recruitment and selection methods. On top of it, special emphasis is made to ensure recruitment of qualified specialists and the most rational use of KNGK Group available labor resources based on the existing organizational structure.

HR specialists ensure observance of employees` labor and social rights, improve benefits and labor motivation systems, provide with advice in legal matters relating to manpower management, and carry out unified HR record keeping.


Strong and long-term cooperation with higher educational institutions of the Krasnodar Territory and all Russia, including KubSU, KubSTU (Krasnodar), Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (St. Petersburg) contributes to implementation of one of the key objectives of HR management – improvement of employees` professional skills and level of education. Besides, for many years KNGK Group has been working in close cooperation with Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Moscow), in particular, for specialization of MBA program “International Oil and Gas Business”. All employees of the company have a higher education with 4 Ph.D. and 2 Dr. hab. among them. In addition, specialists of Kuban Oil and Gas Company take an active part in various training programs, courses and seminars conducted by Consulting-Vela LLC, Action Management and Finance LLC, Shelah Training Center, Non-state Educational Center “Alterra”, Non-state Educational Center “Your Advisor”, CSTI “Progress”, EY Business Academy, Russian School of Management, PricewaterhouseCoopers and many others.


HR management personnel also regularly take part in various conferences, discussions, round-table meetings, which are very important for exchange of experience between colleagues – HR-services employees of leading enterprises of Krasnodar and the Krasnodar Territory in the field of human resources management. One of the organizers of such round tables is Agency for Business Communications of the weekly newspaper “Yug Times”.


One of the good traditions for KNGK Group HR-service staff is organization and holding of International Children’s Day celebration, which annually takes place in the company for employees and their children in different forms: exhibition of children’s drawings, handicrafts, employees` pictures in their childhood “When the trees were big…”, excursions for kids at the office of KNGK Group, introduction to professions of the parents and their colleagues, discussions and watching cartoons and films about professions and children`s future choice.