Кубанская Нефтегазовая Компания



One of the fundamental normative documents aimed at maintaining team spirit and unity of KNGK Group staff is Corporate Code of Culture and Ethics. This is the document which determines set of norms, rules, values, ethical standards to be guidelines for the employees and management of KNGK Group in their routine operations, the basic criteria for KGNK-Group operations are competence and professionalism, stability, reliability, social profile, commitment, confidentiality, corporate identity, loyalty and respect.

This set of the rules governs ethical principles of relationship between colleagues, management and employees of the company, between the company and external business partners, contains recommendations on dress code, communication and negotiation style and guarantees each employee respect to his personality.

In accordance with the provisions set forth in the Code of Culture and Ethics, while performing their work the employees proceed from concern about common interests of the company and collectivity of all personnel, show mutual respect, support and mutual aid, fully embrace corporate culture and values, demonstrate proper and correct behavior, follow main principles of professional conduct.