Кубанская Нефтегазовая Компания

Kuban Oil and Gas Company is focused on adopting a policy of high social responsibility not only for its employees, members of their families, but also for population, society of the city and the region where it conducts its business activity.


An integral part of KNGK Group social policy is charity and sponsorship assistance, which is provided to public and municipal organizations. KNGK Group takes an active part in the life of Krasnodar city and the entire Krasnodar Territory, the company’s management takes care of the society problems: provide regular financial support to the program “Healthy and happy childhood”, to Krasnodar regional branch of the Russian public charity foundation “Russian Children’s Fund”, to All Russia Association of the Blind, to Seversky Social Shelter for Children and Adolescents “Zhuravushka”, to Krasnodar Territory Fund “Social Justice”, to Russian Red Cross.

Higher priority in the company is given to keeping traditional moral values, primarily to the development of the Russian Orthodox Church. Over the past few years, funds have been allocated for the reconstruction of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (Krasnodar), the Church of the Holy Trinity in Dinskaya village, construction of the Trinity Church in the Crimean region of the Krasnodar Territory, repair of St. Nicholas Church in Ilsky settlement.


KNGK Group takes part in the international charity program “From Heart to Heart” and allocates funds for major operations to children who need medical care; participates in the international charity program “In the name of life on Earth”; is engaged in redevelopment, construction and repair of pre-school educational institutions, schools, playgrounds, hospitals, fire guard garrisons and railway stations in the Seversky and Crimean districts of the Krasnodar Territory. Donation of blood has become a good tradition for employees.

KNGK Group cooperates with Unions and centers for development of economy targeted areas including the Union of Architects of Russia, Road Safety Support Fund, National Fund of Writers, Center of Social and Economic Strategies, the Fund “International Academy of Social Sciences”.

The company’s management actively promotes sports and culture development in the region: sponsorship was provided to Krasnodar Philharmonia, Dancing Sport Union, football clubs “KubSU”, “Zarya” and others. In August 2012, during flood in Krymsk, funds were allocated for the needs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and victims of flooding.


Participating in various programs, actions held by municipal and public organizations, in summer 2013 the company’s management decided to found «ANASTASIA» Children Charity Foundation within the framework of KNGK Group social project. The main purpose of the Fund is to carry out charitable activity by means of combining contributions of the founder, voluntary donations of individuals and legal entities and sending these resources to targeted support for orphans, children who was left without parental care, abandoned children, physically challenged children, children being in difficult life situation.

From the moment of its foundation until the beginning of 2017 ANASTASIA Fund collected more than 21 million rubles, including money received from KNGK Group’s partner enterprises, third-party philanthropic organizations, individuals, target-focused money during the charity event. During this period of work, assistance amounted to more than 8 million rubles was provided to 140 children with different diseases, including cerebral palsy, vision/hearing/excitatory system disorder. On the official website of the «ANASTASIA» Children Charity Foundation you can always find up-to-date information about the collected funds, rendered targeted assistance, conducted and planned actions and events.

«ANASTASIA» Children Charity Foundation also supports children’s institutions in need of material assistance, organizes and conducts entertainment, cultural, sports and other charitable events.

«ANASTASIA» Children Charity Foundation holds events of various scale on a regular basis. The most significant and major events are as follows:

  • The charitable event on the roof of the shopping center «Gallery-Krasnodar»
  • The program «Charitable SALSA-Ball»
  • The charitable event «Sprout of Hope»
  • The social responsibility project “One Team”, carried out jointly with Euroleague and PBC «Lokomotiv-Kuban», which became the finalist of the contest «The best social projects in the south of Russia 2015» according to the magazine «Expert YUG».

The foundation is actively working on the development of volunteer movement, has its own volunteer base.