Кубанская Нефтегазовая Компания

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About us


For more than 15 years Kuban Oil and Gas Company has been conducting active and successful business in the Kuban market and has been cooperating with leading foreign companies in the field of investment, design and engineering.

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The company was founded in the early 2000s and dynamically developed by Alexey Alexeevich Shamara, who had great experience in transport domain and oil industry. Being a visionary leader and a competent manager, Alexey Alexeevich managed to launch the establishment of a new enterprise, despite the series of income shocks grasped the countries during that period.

During fledging period Kuban Oil and Gas Company was engaged in designing in the area of oil refining; newly established and starting its development enterprise, Ilsky Oil Refinery, was the first and the key customer for the company. Later Ilsky Oil Refinery LLC became the most reliable partner of LLC KNGK-Group with strong long-term business relationship having been developed over the years of cooperation. In challenging financial and economic situation for the country, amid a backdrop of general instability, economically feasible decision to develop the oil refining complex in Ilsky settlement (Seversky district) was supported by Alexey Alexeevich. Just in few years, in cooperation with KNGK-Group, Ilsky Oil Refinery grew into one of the largest facilities in Krasnodar Region, having become the first example of successfully developed business startup. The company specialists designed and built the first oil refining plants and utilities for Ilsky Oil Refinery, in particular thanks to the efforts of KNGK-Group management the plant got an opportunity for successful development and modernization program implementation as long as until 2022.

Success in business was achieved due to smart policy and competent recruitment, all this allowed to expand the company’s presence in Kuban market and kick start of new facilities in a variety of industries. During the period of challenging investment projects implementation the company gained long-term partners in the areas of oil refining, transport, construction, management of commercial real estate, security and safety systems.

The company`s current range of services includes design and engineering, development of start-ups and turn-key business projects, management and audit, financial advice and management of various assets. By 2015, the number of employees in KGNG Group has counted over 150 people and every specialist working for the company is ready to share his experience and knowledge with customers, provide a high-quality and prompt solution for business tasks within the scope of offered services. Over the years of work Kuban Oil and Gas Company has obtained a strong financial position and gained well-deserved reputation, both among colleagues and among dozens of partners working in different cities of Russia, near and far abroad.